Founded in 2010, the annual Yoruba Festival celebrates the rich and diverse arts and culture of one of Africa’s largest and oldest cultures.

The festival features cultural performances, arts and crafts, workshops, competitions, children’s activities, African Market, Traditional food and Live Bands showcasing the rich, vibrant and colorful arts and culture of the Yoruba’s.
Held over an awesome summer weekend, the festival is a free family friendly community event, open to everyone from everywhere to attend, participate and enjoy.
The Yorubas, predominantly from West Africa – Nigeria are a large race of people loosely linked around the world by geography, language, history and religion. They are a people of dynamic culture and traditions with one of the oldest and largest artistic traditions in Africa, spread across the world.
The wide and extensive demographic’s of Yoruba culture worldwide, is largely due to the migration of Yoruba’s taken as slaves during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, to Latin America and the West Indies where Yoruba language, Culture and tradition has been preserved to present day.